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October 24, 2011
1 in 3 Sale!

HELD OVER! 1-in-3 SALE! Until Jan. 31st....

We've given you an extra month to save BIG! That's one more month to save $50 $75 on your Performance Photography. One more month to save 25% off all our graphic design services. You can still win up to $650.00 worth of services from RESONANCE IMAGES!

Now thru December 31st January 31st, 2012,
book your PERFORMANCE PHOTO SHOOT with RESONANCE IMAGES and SAVE $50 $75! (Sale $250 $225, reg. $300). THEN
1 out of every 3 Performance Photo Sessions booked by Dec. 31st Jan. 31st
will be FREE!AND
One grand prize winner will receive a FREE Studio/On-Location Photo Shoot! (Reg. $350.00)

Bands. Belly Dancers. Freak Show Artists. Suspension Artists. Venues. Any performance. See the difference our Certified Photographic Consultants make. Our staff are not just photographers or graphic designers. They're musicians. Artists. Performers. They eat, sleep, dream, breathe their music, dance and art. It courses thru their veins. They know what you need because they are you. They have the in-depth knowledge thru their own experiences and needs. And they understand the need for current, quality images in an industry even more driven today than ever before by up-to-the-minute news bytes and postings. When was the last time someone took a good image of you on stage? When you weren't washed out by someone's flash or had half of a fan's head in the way? Last year? Never? Performances are as much visual as they are musical....

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December 26, 2010
Update 12/2010

   As the year draws to a close, it is hard not to reflect upon that which has come to pass. It allows us to see more clearly that which is yet to come. As the year draws to a close, we have some updates for you:

   As you may have noticed, there is a slightly different look to the website. Our web mistress, Daria Norris @ TIFFIN Services and Solutions (, gave us a few upgrades... Compliant is now on a to-be-determined-at-a-later-time hiatus status, as front man/songwriter David Paul Downs works on his other project, New Oceans ( )....EEVA’ front man/songwriter Adam Evans announces that all backing tracks have been recorded, save two, for its upcoming debut ‘ghostHYMNAL.’...  Disonance Recordings can now be followed on YouTube ( and Twitter ( )....

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February 1, 2010
The new year...

2/2010... The new year has brought a few changes to Disonance Recordings and Resonance Images. We are working on a better format to keep you updated with our happenings, as we are working on a blog format with our amazing webmistress extrodinaire at TIFFIN Services and Solutions. We are also completing a  brief upgrade period with new recording software in our studio, then EEVA' will do a hard push and finish their debut album.

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